Direct approach dating

Therefore, if a guy, let’s call him Zan, has a great appearance, good body language and feels like girls are constantly “checking him out”, using direct openers will provide a high level of success for him.

With a direct opener, within seconds you’ll have a light sexual vibe going and you’ll be able to escalate quickly or immediately go for a number close.

There are various different ways to approach a woman and one of the prominent questions in the seduction community is about which is best: Direct approaches or indirect approaches?

After all, a slightly average guy that’s passionate, funny and interesting will be much more attractive to women than a tall guy that has nothing to say.

Traditional dating is actually one of our society’s most ineffective inventions.

The main reason it gets so much attention is the commercial engine that drives it. want you to believe that spending money on their products and services equals romance.

The pros will outweigh the cons and you’ll end up going home with her in spite of not being her perfect “type”.

Ultimately, if you’re confident, good looking and have a great first impression, then you owe it to yourself to try direct openers.

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