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To add to the situation, much of the advice targeted at older workers is conflicting.

There are no cut-and-dried answers that will work for every older job seeker in every situation.

Those excuses of HR departments needing to conform to expectations are just the types of things people have said for centuries to rationalize for themselves.

Well, I have read all of these comments, and I have to say, it’s depressing.

They may also face reduced employment opportunities and more challenging workplace conditions than their younger colleagues.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, workers age 40-65 face increased discrimination in the workplace (download the CDC’s brief, .

See yall at the Mc Donald’s, just look near the dumpster, that’s me. It breaks my heart that you served us well and are in this situation.

Things will only get worse; the courts have now decided that age discrimination laws only apply to employees, not to those seeking employment.

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