Dating ruger 10 22 serial number

I bought a brand spanken new Model 96 lever action 22Mag, still sealed in the box & everything.... " "You never see a motorcycle parked outside a psychiatrist's office" "Indian Larry" “BOTH POLITICIANS AND DIAPERS NEED TO BE CHANGED OFTEN AND FOR THE SAME REASON! Looked up my 10 22, & came in the ball park of 1997 or 98, just looking at the casting mark inside & it has 97 on it? I think the castings were made in Bulk lot's & later put together??

For serial numbers manufactured prior to our electronic records or for a Letter of Authenticity, please download and mail in the Request for Letter of Authenticity form.This Ruger Mini 14 serial number 180 should be used as a point of reference only.It is not necessarily the very first serial number shipped, but it can be used to determine the approximate year your Ruger Mini-14 was shipped.Welcome to Ruger Forum, a friendly gun and firearm community for past and present Ruger owners! We welcome everyone and the community is free to join so register today and become part of the Ruger Forum family!If you are thinking of buying and wish to make sure you aren't going to be spending too much, or buying from a friend and wish to make sure they are getting a fair amount for their item... The most Ruger Forum users online over 24 hours was 1,613, January 29th, 2013 at AM.*Shoot*, .38Super Man, 021, 10mm Shooter, 1911luvr, 1SG Ret, 2bytandem, 2talltom, 3502dav, 450r20, 454 colt, 4cloud9, 4xlt, 54lastchance, 5MMEagle, 67Number1, 72rta, 755, 86 Chevy Shortbox, 88E30M50, 9026543, 915A, 97HMCS, aarontriton, aasoverteakettle, Agent Orange, agilmore01, Agrocket, aguila9, aikidoguy, Aintskeerd, aiuj51, Ajlopez281, ajs04b, Akboater, Alabama Pitmaster, Alaskapopo, alayonruger, Alderman, aleatory Tapatalk, alienhunter, aliwade65, allen530, alleycat7002, allyn, Alone Ranger, alpha426, alsipd, Amegatek, ammo-can, amstel78, angryjackalope, angryradish, Anschutz, apocalypse, Aquaflow01, Aqualung, aranyic, Argee1950, Armybrat, aroba, arthurstearl, ASTMedic, Austros, autovon, Az Shooter1, badge851, badhatharry, badmotofing3r, Ballenxj, ballistim, bamajoey, bandit1, Band K, Bargain Hunter, bariman00, Barkn Dog, Bass Trombone, Batray, Bayou52, BCHINOC, bcj128, bcmckee7, bczrx, bdavid01, Beachblaster, Bearlaker, beenawhile, benniesdad, Bepe, bewalker, bgavin, Bgriff, bhwapiti, Big Bear, Bigbirdk, bigboredad, Bigfeet, Big G, bigiron, Big Koz, Bill Siegle, biquer, bishopdonmiguel, bjrjar, Bjs60, bkmaine, bkramerl, blackvoid, blazermark, Blood Trail, Blue Arch91, bmbroker, Bob Lewis, Bob Wright, Bob1943, Bob9863, Bocephus1, bodark, boddah4, Bones01, , Booker T, booneh, bowhunterlaz, Bowmag, Bowsnguns, Bowtecee, Boxwalker, Bozz48, bradleyepb, brix, Brno67, brnwlms, Broken Bear, Browntrout, brute, bryner250, bsmoot65, bubba68, buck smith, buckeyexx, , Bucknall20, Budasac, Bullit68, Bullwinkle, Buzz253, Buzzardsroost, bverdon, bwerth42, bwinters, c210pa18, Cajunshooter, Cal44, Cal Patriot, Canadiancurhunter, canamkayaker, Captain Kniferun, capthowdy, carfanatic28, caryc, Cbwatt, ccssid, CDRGlock, cerisecons, Certifiedfryguy, Charlie W, Cheap870, Check Six, chenevat13245, chiefneon, Chief TJS, choctaw, chowser51, chrisnmissy04, chsparkman, chuck perry, chumney, ciadst, Cirdan, ciunnc, clint80651, cloudtop, Clyde, Cmdr Cody, cmospyder, cmosu, cmpvp04, cntrydawwwg, coatessey, Codyoh12, Colorado Expat, coloradofarmboy, comtedeloach, Con 43, Coonan357, Copen1822, COSteve, Cotton Mc Knight, Cowboydave, Cowpokey, coyotetrapper, Crashman S, Crazylegs8508, creampuff, Creeks63, crippledchicken, critter 521, ctromanus, ctxcummins, curly84, curt mini14, Cutter, cwo4uscgret, Cyberhog9, Cyclic Rate, cynergyou, CZ Man, czgunner, Dabolinabob, Dad45, dadeo316, Dagger Blade, Dajonga, dalethib, Dallas CMT, Danad, danasharp11, danlbobb, danoam, darkwaters, Darth Simon, dave1947, Dave270, davidpjdcomps, David R, Dawn Gazer, dbrom, dc581, Dcarey51, ddaniel13, Dddrees, ddub, Deacon07, Ded Ducks, Delta Rose, Demanize, DESERT ED, Desert Dave, dewess1911, DILLIGAS, Dillon Press, ditto1958, DJay, DJoch, Dobe Wan, Doc Holliday, Doc Glock, Doghandler, Donn, donnrcp, Donoman, Dosi441, Double Nutted Wrench, Doubleup388, dph1980, DQL5150, drewthebrave, drhoades83, dries, driz, drizler1, DRJ1911, drowe, drpitts70, drumb0621, dscampbell1286, DSRichert, dt7350, DT91nmj, DTDTDTDT, dtg2calvin, dtjacob, DTW, dubcity demon, Duck1956, Dudelove, duncanjm, duramaxsky, durrell, Dwb1220, dwet, E.

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