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Valdez has spent considerable energy branding herself as a “compassionate cop,” but some progressives are yet to forget several high-profile incidents that happened during her tenure as Dallas sheriff. 4 legislation, they point out, and is a staunch critic of liberal priorities like gay marriage and abortion rights.Pointing to her recent primary victory, some supporters of Ms. But other supporters, even ardent ones, acknowledged that more work needs to be done to win over those skeptical of her law enforcement past.“The young activists expect a lot more — but that’s coming and it’s going to be addressed,” said Frumencio Reyes, a lawyer and Democratic activist in Houston.She cast herself as a “compassionate cop” and at one point listed what she considered accomplishments: lowering the inmate population at the jail, allegedly curbing abuse and harassment among her employees, rebuffing ICE’s detention requests for individuals with nonviolent allegations, and reducing the number of inmate deaths at Dallas County jail to below the national average. Valdez in the Democratic primary race for governor and backed her opponent — a white man — because members were “troubled by Ms.Valdez’s lack of depth in policy,” said to the group’s executive director, Cristina Tzintzún.Since 2012, this boutique firm has become an ally to LGBTQ singles looking for love.

Valdez, a spirited populist, at a recent party fund-raiser. Valdez following the 2015 homicide at the jail, said that voting for either Mr. Valdez in November was a non-starter.“Just because she’s lesbian doesn’t mean she’s progressive, and just because she’s Latina doesn’t mean she’s progressive,” Mr. It also points to the sometimes competing interests of party officials singularly focused on winning elections, and a morally rigid grass-roots base that is newly empowered in the current wave of anti-Trump activism.” said Marco Mejia, a 19-year-old student at University of Texas at Austin who was in the audience that day.“For our community, negotiating with ICE is not an option,” said Esther Sarai Ramos, a 20-year-old JOLT member who also attends Southwestern University near Austin. Valdez “said that she didn’t take action out of fear of being defunded.But for us, it’s not a matter of you getting defunded or not, it’s a matter of will I ever see my uncles again.”Ms.Valdez, a daughter of migrant workers who rose through the heavily male ranks of law enforcement and spoke at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Valdez already faces long odds in the historically deep red state, which last voted a Democrat into statewide office in 1994 and supported Mr.Trump in the 2016 election by almost 10 percentage points.

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