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by Douglas Quenqua does an incredible job of tying together so many horrible things about the religion into a single powerful narrative.

Quenqua focuses on Mark O’Donnell, who grew up in the faith and ultimately left it.

It follows a decision taken nearly two years ago to ban the entire group, under the terms of a Russian law that defines extremism in the vaguest of terms, and that was amended in 2007 to embrace some non-violent movements.

With their firm belief in the imminence of the end times, they describe themselves as law-abiding in most respects.They discouraged her from seeking counseling, because a therapist might blame the religion or get the authorities involved.Finally, the elders asked Kimmy a question: If her mother It’s seriously messed up.Witnesses also point out that they stood up to Nazi Germany, refusing to give the Nazi salute or join pro-Hitler organisations; more than 1,000 of them died in concentration camps.Much more recently, the sect has faced criminal charges in countries ranging from communist Cuba to capitalist Singapore.

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