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Seikos with solid casebacks (plastic, stainless steel or titanium) will have the 6-digit serial number etched in a straight line.

Those that come with glass display backs like modern Seiko 5’s have the numbers printed horizontally on the glass display back but the numbers are usually faint and difficult to read.

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Anyway, the Premier pictured above was made in August 2007.

Breathtaking fetish content for fans of free feet fetish sexual actions.In more expensive Seikos with glass display backs like the Premier 6R20 pictured above, the serial number is usually found engraved along the rim of the caseback.Unlike the rest of the identifying text, the serial number is printed in a straight line.Chances are if you ask watch store assistants when that particular Seiko watch you’re interested in buying was made, you’ll get a blank expression from them.Either that, or they’ll come up with an excuse for not knowing by saying that it’s a new arrival (yeah, right!

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