Dating ibanez jem guitars

Vai also began to bring his Tom Anderson guitars on tour: "...

He built this for me after my old green monster, which I used out on the road last year until it died.

Currently Ibanez no longer sells this model, thus some of these models are quite rare, especially the JEM777LNG, which was a limited run and each model was hand-signed by Steve Vai.

On the other hand, JEM77 models are more widely available compared to the JEM777 guitars.

As of 2010, there have been five sub-models of the JEM: the JEM7, JEM77, JEM777, JEM555, JEM333, and JEM70V.

Although the Ibanez JEM series is a signature series guitar, Ibanez mass-produces several of the guitar's sub-models.

Ibanez lang malakas is an electric guitar manufactured by Ibanez and first produced in 1987.

The guitar's most notable user is its co-designer, Steve Vai.

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So I took the best of the sounds from that guitar and had them incorporated into the Ibanez." Vai decided to stop using his Anderson guitar in favour of a guitar deal with a bigger company.Some of the 77 models are very easy to make out and are especially interesting for collectors-these are models with a floral or multicolor pattern, for example, the JEM77FP (Floral Pattern) and the JEM77PMC (Purple Multi Color).However, a variant of JEM77, the JEM77BRMR is not a multicolor guitar, but it has dot inlays on the fingerboard and a "rock mirror" finish and the 77VBK, which is basic black with a mirror pickguard and the vine inlay.Vai liked the model and decided to produce that particular guitar with Ibanez.It took five months to make the new model samples in Japan, the JEM guitar and the RG range which launched at the NAMM Industry Trade Show in June 1987.

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