Dating anniversary gift ideas for guys

If it’s too tricky to shop for his size or style on your own, surprise him with a shopping spree.

He’ll love having you as his personal shopping assistant and getting your feedback because he’s really only trying to impress you anyway.

You should only do this if you already know that he loves to dance, otherwise he may feel too shy to bust a move with you.

If you and your boyfriend usually like to stay in, switch it up by taking him out for Valentine’s Day.

Aside from the classic rose petal trail, you could decorate the foyer with balloons or streamers and a trail of photos of the two of you.

You could even change things up with a trail of wrapped candy or a message spelled out letter by letter.

Picking the right idea depends on how long you’ve been together, what his interests are and ideas you’ve already done in the past.

We wanted to take some of the pressure off by rounding up the best ways to surprise your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’ve just started dating or are in a serious relationship, you’ll find the perfect Valentine’s idea for your boyfriend with our list below!

If you don’t want to drive or taxi around, handpick a selection and have the tasting at home.

Look up some of his favorite music groups and teams and see if they’ll be in your area.

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