Dating abc scrapbook

The same goes for any special writing or description.Putting a pattern into your design will give the book a more professional look - and it will be beautiful to look at! After all, this is a project that will be cherished for years to come.The second page can be themed around the word blissful, and contain photos of the couple that best remind each of them of feelings of bliss.Tracy Morris has been a freelance writer since 2000.

To begin any project like this, the best place to start is with the general idea or theme.

The ABC concept may seem quite simple, but the greatest way to pull it off is to establish a list.

Each page in your book will represent a different letter of the alphabet (and a different moment in your child's life), so you want to get the framework down before you start cutting and pasting. While the creation of your scrapbook may be daunting, the challenge will intensify if you leave out an important picture or memento.

And, if your child is old enough, let them join in the fun by creating artwork for the pages.

A letters of the alphabet scrapbook may seem like a project best suited for a child's memory album, but this approach can be used for many other types of scrapbook layouts as well.

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