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She can be crazy or sane, outgoing or an introvert.and the world has had an absolute blast with that “crazy cat lady” stereotype ever since. Dorian Wagner is the founder of Cat Lady Box and the cat video blog Your Daily Cute.My dad often takes care of dozens of cats at a time and he’s not feminine at all. They are stunning creatures that have symbolized female sexuality since the days of Ancient Egypt.The modern cat lady (or “cat woman” as is my preferred term) is confident in her love of felines and not embarrassed by her affections, refusing to make apologies.Cecily 62% of female cat owners think that having such a pet comes with it's own set of preconceptions.They worry that it might be getting in the way of them finding love.

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Tamar Arslanian began “I Have Cat” as a way to chronicle of her life as a 30-something NYC singleton looking for love despite the complication of owning cat (s).

Over the years, women have become more independent and career-oriented, and the definition of a modern cat lady has evolved along the same lines.

We don’t just stay home to take care of cats anymore, because there’s so much more going on in our lives.

In the beginning of this month I started a new series of posts here at My Book Fetish focusing on the cat lady stereotype. Caren Gittleman is a life-long Clevelander who worked in advertising at The Plain Dealer (Ohio’s largest newspaper) for 21 and a half years.

So, to end this series of posts, I asked 6 top bloggers from the pet blogosphere the following question: So, let’s hear their thoughts and experiences on the subject. This is going to sound so trite, but I believe that a “modern cat lady” is whomever she WANTS to be! Currently a professional blogger in the pet industry who also does freelance writing.

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