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The i Tunes equalizer allows you to fine-tune sound spectrum frequencies in a precise way. Click Rename to rename a preset, click Delete to delete a preset, and then click Done when you finish editing the list.To open the i Tunes equalizer window, choose Window You can rename or delete any preset, including those supplied with i Tunes (which is useful if you want to recall a preset by another name). One reason why you go to the trouble of setting equalizer presets is to assign them to your i Tunes content.Choose an EQ preset from the Settings menu, as described previously.The content plays to the end with the new equalizer preset.Tip: If you want items that have assigned presets to play with those presets while the rest of the content plays without any equalizer adjustment, choose the Flat EQ preset in your i Pad, i Pod, or i Phone.If you know in advance that you need to use specific presets for certain songs, assign standard presets to the songs in i Tunes before copying the songs to the i Pad, i Pod, or i Phone (but not custom presets, which don’t transfer to the i Pad, i Pod, or i Phone).You also find out how to manage multiple i Tunes libraries on the same computer.

You can then experiment with the presets in the i Pad, i Pod, or i Phone to get better playback in different listening environments.

You can use this feature to cut unwanted intros and outros of a song, such as announcers and audience applause, or to skip opening credits or commercials of movies.

You can also use it in conjunction with File Create format Version (where format is the encoding format, such as AAC or MP3) to split an item — or, in the parlance of record label executives and artists, split a track.

The next time you play the item, i Tunes uses the equalizer preset that you assigned.

When you transfer content to your i Pad, i Pod, or i Phone, the standard i Tunes presets transfer with it; you can choose whether to use these assignments when playing the content on your i Pod or i Phone.

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