Chronicles of a dating diva

Spurred on by a break-up from a long-time boyfriend and a sticky dating mishap, this self-professed surf/skate eco-designer and music industry whiz turned author has now penned an uncensored, viciously hilarious account of her dating hits and misses.Kelton takes on the oh-so-slightly controversial and much-discussed topic of dating and puts it to the test: with personal anecdotes, surveys, interviews, experiments, and sexual humor.This is in contrast to a narrative or history, which sets selected events in a meaningful interpretive context and excludes those the author does not see as important.Chronicler information sources vary; some chronicles are written from first-hand knowledge, some are from witnesses or participants in events, still others are accounts passed mouth to mouth prior to being written down.I’m just thankful that the mister understands the importance of romance and still holds my hand in public. I was also slightly depressed about how long it had been since I was in a meaningful, “reciprocal” relationship. Great men and women of faith who support me and always have my back…and will share their opinion (sometimes unsolicited) when they think I need to be made aware of something.

Here’s what she posted on FB earlier today: I hope courtship isn’t gone forever, it really needs to make a comeback in a major way. So do you think being romantic is appreciated in this age of technology first, personal interaction second? They represent accounts, in prose or verse, of local or distant events over a considerable period of time, both the lifetime of the individual chronicler and often those of several subsequent continuators.If the chronicles deal with events year by year, they are often called annals.Sexual barriers are broken down, and the anecdotes will have you in stitches -- and through the eyes and words of Jennifer Kelton some of you may even recognize little bits of yourself.The book is available at,,, and .

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