Casual dating to relationship

Therefore, you start to lose hope and wonder, if love is just a construct, and “happily ever afters” are but a farce.

For the longest time ever, you have not dated seriously in a Serious Relationship.

Perhaps it’s time to consider something more serious and be done with this Casual Dating nonsense.

You have gone for more than a few Casual Dates, but they all end up really bad, or you are both just not compatible in every sense of the word.

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Therefore, you become Sherlock Holmes, and try to stalk the sh*t out of this person, just to make sure you’re not dating a serial killer, or a psycopath.It is best that you step out from your mobile and laptop screens, and get to know real and genuine people, whom you can forge sincere friendships and genuine relationships with.You are just so sick and tired of meaningless Casual Relationships, that even the fact that you can get a free meal does not even entice you anymore.This same saying applies to your participation in Casual Encounters too! After all, what guy wouldn’t want the freedom to go out with any woman at any time?

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