Bro code dating your bros ex

The short answer is yes, we should, but it’s a lot more complicated than that whether or not we like to admit it.Nonetheless, to eschew bro tension altogether, one must follow one simple step — don’t talk and/or hit to your bro’s ex-girlfriend, at all.

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Soon hordes of Spartan seamen burst through the Trojan barrier, and Helen got half the gold for the next eighteen years.

We will excuse a person for being late 15 minutes to a meeting; we will shout obscenities at them when they cut us off when driving; and we will flat out hit somebody for making a rude remark or vulgar gesture toward someone we care about.

And then there’s the hazy, gray area, when you have to react to one of your friends openly betraying your wishes, defying the laws of friendship and acting selfishly to satisfy whatever part of his brain is in the most need of pleasure.

Regardless of circumstance, if you’re friend has already landed on the moon, following his trail and planting your own American flag in the soil isn’t going to get you very far in the long term.

If anything, you’ll be known as the guy who is so shortsighted that he can’t even look past his own friend’s girlfriend. And, for whatever reason, if she does enjoy you more in the sack — she may say this but there’s really never a real way of confirming it as fact, then the only thing you’re really achieving is some false sense of pride, while doing more damage to your buddy’s psyche.

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