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Jessica, who picked up bodybuilding in her late 20s and has competed in 33 bikini competitions, has built a career as a fitfluencer on Instagram, where she's amassed more than 2.6 million followers, and on You Tube, where she has more than 183,000 followers.

Jessica encouraged Garrett post his workouts on Instagram in the first place.

Let me tell you this gym is awesome definitely recommend! Here I'm focusing on rotating my core and getting my shoulders around to each side.

I love these medicine balls with straps for this exercise - makes it really easy for those with limited hand function.

They have done things that look suspiciously couple-y, like partying in Mykonos until daybreak and doing face masks, prompting much of the Korean media to speculate whether they were together back in late October. His name is Je-yong Ha, his Instagram handle is “Korean Hulk,” and we know more about his lifting stats than his actual biography. According to an arm-wrestling video from the Korean Armwrestling Federation posted about a month ago, he’s 29 years old, ranked ninth in the country, and shaped like a teapot.

We know you have questions, and we sort of have answers, so let’s get this going. He weighs 110 kg (242.5 pounds), stands 165 cm (five-foot-four), with biceps 56 cm (22 inches) in girth.

The couple's most popular video, which shows Jessica spotting Garrett lifting weights as she straddles him, went viral in December on both of their accounts.

While Garrett is hopeful he'll walk again one day, he has Jessica's love and support, regardless of what their future brings.Lohan’s own account puts her in Greece, starting in late June, where she spent most of the summer.She makes her first appearance on the Korean Hulk’s Instagram on August 11, apparently in Mykonos, the party island.Thanks again, @jacobhowiroll - #Wheelchair #Spinal Cord Injury #Quadriplegic #Wheelchair #SCI A post shared by Garrett Jason Greer (@garrettjasongreer) on "I work on what I can do and test my limits," he says.After all, although there's no guarantee Garrett will ever regain full control or feeling throughout his body, he has been told that exercise may encourage nerve regeneration.

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