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Off stage Maddie has organised a fortnightly spoken word event, co-written a stage show, hosted University workshops and established a multidisciplinary online community.

She has been best described as “a poetry fireball” who is “strong in the softest way”. When I first began studying female bodybuilding I thought those women were invincible.

He became unresponsive while being transported to the hospital.

In an interview with CBS station WBZ-TV, Harry Stelzer, Erich's father, says he feels sorry for the victim, but has consulted with an attorney because he feels the police went too far in subduing his son."Now aren't they tough enough to put him in handcuffs? Put him in a state of mind where he has no control over his bodily functions and then just handcuff him? A Go Fund Me page for Tapley says she suffered a broken hand and other extensive injuries.

And some days red, silk lingerie is also empowering.

Haywood states that muscular women “challenge traditional ideas that associate women in general with physical weakness and incompetence” and “the female body with softness”. Is this visible female strength considered dangerous by society? In my belief, there is some warped sense of comfort in believing the “damsel in distress” stereotype of behavior.Maddie has been internationally published, performed at the Sydney Opera House, featured at a festival held in a graveyard and performed a love poem about a burrito.She has also won poetry slams in Western Australia, Oxford, Cambridge, online and all over London.Maddie Godfrey is an Australian-bred writer currently living in London.Her work aims to encourage compassionate conversations about social issues.

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