Blizzard launcher updating tools

or any idea how to fix it (i belive this patch have the patch number 17) Try with peer to peer disabled.You can also disable firewalls as this can cause network problems (remember to re-enable them again afterwards though).Diablo III Beta Installation Issue Fix [Quick Guide] Can anyone help me please, when I try to download diablo 3 beta it goes straight to 70%, and stays there, I tired to delete on Task Manager it goes to "Launching Blizzard Launcher" then comes back up and it goes back down to 70%, I don't have Windows XP Pack 3 either, so can anyone help me please?

The bar stayed gray stating it would be ‘waiting for another update to finish’. I restarted my PC thinking that might fix my issue. performed an update, and now I get this goodie of an error message. since restarting it, it has just been sitting on 'Waiting on another installation or update' This is preventing me on being able to play Wo W. ive noticed that if too many games try to update at the same time things get sorta.. manually check each game by clicking on them, also switch thru the Wo W Beta and PTR as well, find the games that have updates pending, and pause them, then choose them one at a time to allow updating. Tried power cycling the computer. some games dont show an update pending until the others have been paused or completed, so this may take a few passes clicking thru the games and chasing the update.When I started Battle-net, I noticed the same weired bug happened with Hearthstone and SC2 aswell.Diablo3 is working just fine and the old copy of Overwatch I had installed for the free weekend some time ago showed the ‘update’ option.

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