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The Texas native is an actor and producer best known for movies , to which he now supports through various contributions. After graduating college, he moved out to Los Angeles where he began working in the mailroom of Industry Entertainment.Miller screen-tested for the CBS Daytime soap opera He took a two-year hiatus from his acting career after that experience.It had been pitched to Barbara Mandrell and Liza Minnelli, but Mc Entire ended up recording it.

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It is one of country music's several songs about a love triangle.

Mc Entire's husband and manager, Narvel Blackstock, told her that MCA Records "would rather [she] record this with somebody more established", such as Wynonna Judd or Trisha Yearwood, both of whom were on the same label at the time.

Mc Entire called Tony Brown, then working as a record producer for both her and Judd.

During that time, he was supported by his family who encouraged him not to give up and try again.

With his family behind him, he went and got the part for an episode in , started a long time ago.

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