Berkeley online dating research

For his work, Wang relies on ethnographic data, interviews, and observations of how people navigate dating apps, first dates, and the like.

Wang is an online dating expert (and third-year Ph. student in UC Berkeley’s Department of Sociology) who studies online dating and the sharing economy.

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Our work focuses on the social psychology of relationship formation through computer-mediated communication systems.

Computer scientists have developed the powerful "algorithmic way of thinking," which has become a key enabler of the sciences in this century, just as mathematics was in the last.

Sophisticated algorithms, such as the stable matching algorithm, maximum matching algorithms, and algorithms for budgeted auctions, have been applied to centralized labor markets, auctions, financial exchanges, the allocation of public goods, etc.

His current research topics include: (1) the role of trust and cooperation in interpersonal online interactions, (2) collective behavior and online collaboration, and (3) the use of virtual reality and biosensors to understand social psychological phenomena such as trust, cooperation and empathy.

Previous research has revealed that only a small percentage of Wikipedia entries are authored by women. New research from UC Berkeley suggests that when it comes to dating, cyberspace is as segregated as the real world.

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