Audrey bitoni sex chatting

Busty Beauty Audrey Bitoni was born on August 16th 1986.Audrey enttered into the adult industry back in 2006 and since then she has gone on to become a fans favorite. The knockout babe has been on the cover of both Playboy and Penthouse which was only the beginning of Audrey apos;s super successful porn career that seems to be far from over. She apos;s got huge double Ds, sexy curves, pouting slut lips and a do me look in her eyes so powerful that it could make a man prematurely ejaculate all over her navel piercing before he even has a chance of dipping his tip in. She felt it balanced out her body and made her feel very sexy.

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Maybe it’s because she can exude sex from every pore of her flesh and in every lowered eyelid, doe-eye ‘fuck-me’ gaze, penetrating the camera lens like the hordes of men wanting to penetrate her. The boss lady has the game on smash and the Porn Porn Porn team has got tons of her new scenes lined up to cum. The secret to her success is that she clearly loves every moment of the shooting experience and you can bet that she apos;s the one having the most fun on set whether it apos;s an intricate gangbang or a modeling photo shoot. Audrey appeared on the front cover of Penthouse for November 2008 edition and was also Penthouse Pet of the Month for the same month.Cute, feminine, petite and absolutely breathtaking with her deep dark eyes, pouting luscious lips and incredible rack of boobage, the one and only Audrey Bitoni has been making men melt and jizz boil since her start in 2006.

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