Are jennifer lawrence and josh hutcherson dating in real life

“The bondage bed is from 1940 – so yeah it was around back then.” The following day, Josh was spotted with his luggage as he checked out of the Bowery Hotel. "It feels like being a sophomore in high school, because normally the first day at work is like the first day at school and you don't know if you are going to make friends.Even Christian parents can be altogether too passive in their instruction and discipline. Unfortunately, many a youth group is far too focused on entertainment than in equipping our teens for battle.And, training in the weapons of our warfare is often not high on their list. Study curricula is generally weak, not helping our youth to build their Christian worldviews or to defend themselves against the attacks of the devil and this world.Add to those changes that Jed, the lead character, is an actual war hero, making it more feasible that he could turn a group of teenagers into a formidable resistance movement.Yet my guess is that many of you will still see the premise of this movie as incredibly unbelievable, since we all tend to think America could opens up in a pretty familiar modern American context–a high school football game.For a spell, people were convinced that he dated Ariana Grande, until that was proven to be not true at all. In the meantime, while we wait for that fantasy union to materialize, it looks like Josh Hutcherson may still be dating long-rumored girlfriend Claudia Traisac.

Sugarscape reports that the pair was acting rather amorous while promoting Escobar at the Zurich Film Festival on Monday.

When they jumped into a car post-junket, Traisac draped her arm lovingly over Hutch's shoulders.

The following photograph either shows the pair caught in a totally out-of-context, serendipitously affectionate moment, or a prolonged gesture of romantic tenderness.

Even when our churches are working hard to teach the Word, our youth can find lots of reasons for haphazard attendance. I would certainly like to believe that our young people are much more ready for the spiritual fight.

The truth is, whether they are ready or not, awake or asleep, they ARE in the war. He loves nothing more than young people with spirits of lethargy.

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