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The seventh season of the American television comedy series How I Met Your Mother was the writers having taken 24 episodes to stage a reveal that could have happened in the first five minutes of the premiere and had the exact same impact.

Robin reveals a shocking secret to Barney concerning their night together.

In Code Charge Studio, input values of textual nature can be validated using Regular expressions.

Of course, you already know this since you seem to have written the regex to take this into account.

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If the Exception is encountered the only recovery necessary will be to log the data that needs to be reviewed since the data is subjective and cannot be modified at runtime based on any conditions.

The Input Validation property comes with two default Regular expressions for validating 5 digit zip codes and email addresses.

You can however construct your own Regular expression and enter it into the Input Validation property.a(bc)* - matches any string that starts with 'a' followed by 0 or multiple occurrences of 'bc' e.g.

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