Adults want to chat amy fuck

My wife and I are both 41 and we have been very happily married for 10 years though we've been together for a total of 15.

Our sex life has it's ups and downs like anyone else's but generally it's been pretty great.

A widower now I'm free to explore Guys tend to be very visual.

As with watching porn, we always try to imagine ourselves in whatever sexual situation we are observing.

I like watching her having sex with other men and she loved having other men fuck her while i watched. Swinging is what you make it out to be and the scenarios are endless.

I have to say that watching her with another man was sooo fucking hot.

Up until maybe 3-4 years or so ago the thought of seeing her with another man never occurred to me, but once it got into my head, the thought of it grew more and more exciting to me.

I'm not sure why but the thought of masturbating while I watch another man having sex with my wife is one of the hottest fantasies I have. And it's not a cuckolding thing either (I think) I have no desire to hear her scream what a pussy I am or how much bigger and better he is than me.

You can make it out to be any thing you want it to be!

As long as you both are comfortable and willing and the trust is there.

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