Adult webcam sites hacking

Some people are falling for them, but fortunately not many.

I researched a selection of the bitcoin accounts used in these scams and none of the emails had duped more than a handful of victims.

Just a profile picture and some general information the paper would have posted.In fact, they are explicitly discouraging you from asking for proof, by threatening to share said “proofs” with your “mates” if you ask.That is completely contrary to how we would expect a real hacker/blackmailer to act – if I wanted to scare the bejesus out of you to get you to pay, the first thing I would do is show you a compromising screen capture to prove that this is very, very real.Eventually I mean you understand what compromising evidence Ive earned.Moreover, this software made your device act as dedicated server with plenty of functions like keylogger, parser etc.

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