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You like your guy a lot, and then you start to notice a relationship milestone that pops up in your mind like many women encounter when dating men: Why isn’t he introducing me to those close to him?

Before you panic and start asking your boyfriend why he hasn’t introduced you to anyone, you need some relationship advice before a bigger problem develops.

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I'm not anti-casual-sex (when that's where one is in one's life at the time) and I'm certainly not anti-serious relationships. You basically told the guy you're fine with casual and you have no expectations.

Do u guys think I should say something or just play it by ear? I think the time has definitely come to have the talk.

And if I should say something how should I go about it? I usually don't fall for guys in the past, but I feel differently in this relationship. Thanks My H bought me an engagement ring after 2 months... There should definitely be a feeling of security and an understanding of "where you guys are at" by now..... I'm really dreading bringing it up and have been hoping he would..

I’m sure the author had good protective dating advice intentions for women.

For me, it’s about trusting yourself first and knowing that if your intuition is going off like a five alarm bell, you’ll exit to safety.

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    One could even argue that I’d prefer to date someone who already has children.

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