2142 stats not updating

I set up the AIX as normal and tick the stats enabled button.Hit play AIX and attempt to play single player level. and at the end of the map it states the stats for the map session.Made from SB-7, the latest polyimide matrix material, the rugged yet lightweight Lambert Carbine produces minimal recoil ensuring accurate burst suppression.The double magazine feeding system and compressed, low caliber ammunition enables unmatched fire volume." The Lambert Carbine is a carbine featured in Battlefield 2142.I even logged back into BF2 once, and noticed that my stats there appeared to be off. I read that this is an issue with EA's account servers - no idea when/if they'll correct it. In your statistics history you can see your progress over time.With stats graphics, you can present your MOHW game stats everywhere.

If you already have an account on you can login here. When i received the awards in-game it gave me full career points, but thats it and ive received the same badge multiple times and got career points which i shouldnt be able to do.I was wondering if this happens to everyone and how long did it take for your awards, kills, and gametime to be credited. Other forums from earlier this year and 2007 indicate that the problem has happened before.i still get a few PMs from people wondering why their stats no longer update on our server which no longer existsobviously local stats *do* work as they don't rely on an external machine BUT i would advise kwolf to make a backup now of his Python folders - local stats is notorious for eating them if the game crashes for any reason Hi, I recently bought BF2 Complete and installed BF2 Special ops and patch 1.5 AIX.However when i then go to BFHQ there is nothing updated . please help this is the main reason for me getting this game! installed on your pc and your BF 2 id logged in there.

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