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I think anybody who suddenly quits drinking can expect to reap benefits to their beauty. Maybe this is just me, but when I was drinking a lot and hungover all the time, I’d try to put myself together, but sometimes I’d do the bare minimum.Having no hangovers and more energy to just things, meant paying more attention to detail.For me, the choice to quit drinking was years in the making. Though I’ve had a series of incredibly rough times due to drinking too much, when I quit, my relationship with alcohol was the best it had ever been. In my case, it wasn’t a five-day hangover or a missed day of work that let me know it was finally time to stop drinking alcohol.I hadn’t embarrassed myself or forgotten the happenings of the night before.This has so many benefits beyond sobriety that before long you’ll be expressing gratitude for starting a gratitude journal lol!

It’ll keep your mind off what you you’re missing by not drinking. It’s great for finding new sober activities to try without going to AA meetings.It seems like literally everybody drinks, and if you’ve built your social life on a foundation of bottles and shots, it can be hard to imagine what you’ll ever do for fun if you stop drinking.It does take effort, but if you do the work and step out of your comfort zone, there are so many interesting new people you can meet, doing activities that really feed your spirit — without booze!This book contains 90 prompts, which will last you 3 months if you use it every single day!This is one of the best choices you can make if you’re serious about taking some time off of alcohol, hands down!

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